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2021 Ford Maverick Owner's Manual

2021 Ford Maverick Review

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2021 Ford Maverick Owner's Manual

Ford Maverick (Ford Maverick) – front- or all-wheel drive pickup truck class “K4”. The first generation of the model. The premiere of the car took place on June 8, 2021.

With the introduction of the most compact pickup truck in its lineup, Ford’s press release compares the Maverick’s fuel economy to the Honda Civic, a hatchback that’s been the number one choice among first-time buyers in the US for years.

The company sees the Maverick as an audience for young people who have not yet chosen their first vehicle, as well as people with an active lifestyle who are looking for a practical car, but who do not need a big pickup truck.

Maverick is really modest in size (by the standards of the American class): with a wheelbase of 3076 mm, it has a total length of 5073 mm. The car has a monocoque body, not a frame: it is built on the C2 platform, which underlies the Ford Bronco Sport and Ford Focus.

Accordingly, the loading characteristics of the car are quite modest (again, by the standards of the class): up to 680 kg, with a Flexbed cargo bed length of 1382 mm. However, Ford has made every effort to make it easy to use: there are hinges, pockets, niches for installing dividing partitions, 12-volt and 110-volt 400-watt (optional) sockets.

As for the interior, here, according to the manufacturer, practicality was also taken as the basis. For example, the armrests on the doors have openings so that you can fit a liter bottle there. Various niches are scattered around the cabin (even near the eight-inch touch screen there are two of them), and under the back row there is a compartment for more voluminous luggage.

If we talk about the front panel in terms of standard functions, then Maverick can be called the bearer of traditional, proven solutions: the dashboard is analog, the steering wheel has hard buttons, as well as the air conditioning unit (one- or two-zone), air vents are made in the usual forms, even if they can be optionally diluted with bright inserts.

The only exception is the gearbox control unit, made in the form of a washer. Actually, two boxes are offered: a variator for a standard hybrid installation and an eight-speed hydromechanics for a gasoline turbo four.

The first power plant consists of a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated engine running on a more economical Atkinson cycle (164 hp, 210 Nm), an electric motor (128 hp and 235 Nm) and a small (1.1 kilowatt) battery. The manufacturer’s claimed consumption in the city is 5.6 l / 100 km and 7.1 l / 100 km on the highway. The drive for such a pickup is available exclusively front.

Front-wheel and all-wheel drive versions are the prerogative of the optional 2.0-liter EcoBoost, which produces 253 hp. With. and 376 Nm of torque. For pickups equipped with this engine, 4K Towing Packages are available (such a car can pull up to 1814 kg versus 907 for the standard version) and FX4 (off-road modifications: appropriate tires, underbody protection, reinforced suspension, additional driving electronics modes).

In the basic version, the car is equipped with an automatic emergency braking system and automatic headlight switching, for an additional charge for the Maverick pickup truck, adaptive cruise control, a lane keeping system, blind spot monitoring, and an obstacle warning system when reversing are available.

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Common reasons that the 2021 Ford Maverick will not start are a dead battery, a starter or alternator malfunction.

1) The simplest one can be seen on the windshield on the driver's side - at the very bottom.
2) The Vin number is also stamped in the front passenger floor under the trim.
These are the most common places where you can see the VIN code of a Ford. If you can't find the 2021 Ford Maverick VIN number, look in the owner's manual.

Every 2021 Ford Maverick requires maintenance at least once a year or approximately every 10,000 miles, you can find out exactly in the owner's manual for your car.

Your 2021 Ford Maverick should have tires replaced approximately every 4 years or approximately 30,000 miles, and it is recommended that tires be checked periodically for wear and damage.

Batteries wear out for many reasons, there is no ideal time frame, but on average, replace the battery in your 2021 Ford Maverick every 4 years.

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