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2021 Ford Ranger Owner's Manual

2021 Ford Ranger Review

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2021 Ford Ranger Owner's Manual

Ford Ranger USA – all-wheel drive pickup truck class “K4”. The fourth generation model for the North American market was presented at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2018.

The name Ranger is well known to Americans, because it was from the States that the history of this truck began. True, over time, the segment of compact pickups began to sharply lose its relevance there and the Ranger had to leave his β€œhome”. But now, after almost 10 years, interest in such cars began to revive, so Ford’s decision to bring home his small pickup truck was not surprising.

For this purpose, the global version with the factory index T6 was taken as the basis, which was eventually slightly modified.

So, unlike the European version, the American has a steel front bumper attached directly to the frame itself, rear LED lights and a tailgate with an engraved model name. And we have to admit – all these elements make the appearance more brutal and aggressive.

But the interior completely and completely migrated here from “our” Ranger.

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Common reasons that the 2021 Ford Ranger will not start are a dead battery, a starter or alternator malfunction.

1) The simplest one can be seen on the windshield on the driver's side - at the very bottom.
2) The Vin number is also stamped in the front passenger floor under the trim.
These are the most common places where you can see the VIN code of a Ford. If you can't find the 2021 Ford Ranger VIN number, look in the owner's manual.

Every 2021 Ford Ranger requires maintenance at least once a year or approximately every 10,000 miles, you can find out exactly in the owner's manual for your car.

Your 2021 Ford Ranger should have tires replaced approximately every 4 years or approximately 30,000 miles, and it is recommended that tires be checked periodically for wear and damage.

Batteries wear out for many reasons, there is no ideal time frame, but on average, replace the battery in your 2021 Ford Ranger every 4 years.