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2021 Ford Mustang-mach-e Owner's Manual

2021 Ford Mustang-mach-e Review

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2021 Ford Mustang-mach-e Owner's Manual

No more fuel or emissions, total freedom and extended range. The Mustang Mach-E all-electric SUV.

Compared to the usual Mustang, the new Mach-E differs in high-quality material of the interior upholstery. And in general, the Mach-E doesn’t look like the usual Mustang in the interior at all. Only the steering wheel with a horse shows that it is a real Ford Mustang.

Acceleration to a hundred is simply unimaginable: from 3.5 to 5.8 seconds! There is a choice of three different engines in terms of power and range. And a choice of rear or all-wheel drive.

The package of electronic assistants and safety systems makes driving as comfortable as possible. The cost is relatively low for its class and ranges from $44,000 to $52,400,000. There are four Mustang Mach-E packages to choose from. Of all the modifications, one should choose the all-wheel drive. Thus, the front engine adds performance to the car, which directly affects the range.

Based on its technical features, Mach-E has two trunks: the front compartment has 100 liters, and the rear – 402 liters (with folded backs – 1420 liters).

The base Mustang Mach-E has one 258 hp electric motor. and 415 Nm and a traction battery with a capacity of 75.7 kW / h. Power reserve – 450 km. However, by installing a more capacious battery here (98.8 kW / h), you can increase not only the return (285 hp), but also significantly increase the range (600 km). All-wheel drive versions with a large battery received 338 hp. (551 Nm) and can overcome 540 km, and cars with standard batteries – 258 hp. and 420 km. The dynamics of 0-100, depending on the modification, varies from six to eight seconds.

It will not surprise anyone that a “charged” version of the GT is also present in the line of electric Mustangs. Such a car is equipped with two identical electric motors with a total power of 465 hp. and only 98.8 kilowatt battery. Mileage on a full charge – 500 km. On top of that, such a crossover has adaptive dampers and shoots up to the first “hundred” in 3 seconds.

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Common reasons that the 2021 Ford Mustang-mach-e will not start are a dead battery, a starter or alternator malfunction.

1) The simplest one can be seen on the windshield on the driver's side - at the very bottom.
2) The Vin number is also stamped in the front passenger floor under the trim.
These are the most common places where you can see the VIN code of a Ford. If you can't find the 2021 Ford Mustang-mach-e VIN number, look in the owner's manual.

Every 2021 Ford Mustang-mach-e requires maintenance at least once a year or approximately every 10,000 miles, you can find out exactly in the owner's manual for your car.

Your 2021 Ford Mustang-mach-e should have tires replaced approximately every 4 years or approximately 30,000 miles, and it is recommended that tires be checked periodically for wear and damage.

Batteries wear out for many reasons, there is no ideal time frame, but on average, replace the battery in your 2021 Ford Mustang-mach-e every 4 years.

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